EAGLES: Room Leader – Lizzie Constantine

This is our pre-school room, three members of staff care for up to 24 children. The Eagles room is made up of three areas which the children ‘free flow’ between making independent choices about the activities they would like to take part in.

  • Main room – This room is divided up into several different areas which includes a writing area, quiet area, IT area with a computer and a maths area. The room also has space to allow group or 1:1 activities to take place. In the main room the Eagles children can access the snack bar which allows the children the freedom of choice to choose from a selection of healthy snacks.
  • Role play room – This area is a whole room designated to ‘role play’, it includes dressing up, kitchen/home area, dolls and writing/office area. The children can develop their imagination and creative thinking. The theme of this area can change throughout the year from a house into a shop, post office or a day at the beach.
  • Patio/outside area – The Eagles children have access to the patio area all year round whatever the weather. This outside area provides many fantastic opportunities for the children to explore sand, water and malleable materials. The patio area has a space for large-scale construction to take place and a creative area for lots of painting, drawing, cutting & sticking projects to be carried out.

The Eagles group also has a large grassed area for physical play which includes a large climbing frame with swings & a slide. There is lots of equipment for the children to freely access such as footballs, bats, hoops, bikes & scooters. The garden also has a digging area which is well equipped with spades and hoes, a quiet area to relax outside and a musical area.

The Eagles room closely follow the Early Years Foundation Stage allowing each individual child the opportunity to gain the valuable skills needed for their transition to school. Once a year there is a parents evening which allows parents time to discuss their child’s development with their child’s key worker although key workers are available at all times to support parents.




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