Barnowls Nursery is made up of five groups caring for children aged 3 months to 5 years. Each group has a main play room and equal access to the outside areas. The groups are based around each child’s individual development rather than age. At several points during the day there is an oppurtunity for the children to mix and spend time together.

SNOWIES: Debbie, Tanya and Amanda care for six children in the Snowies room.

LITTLE OWLS: Jacquie, Abbi, Leticia & Kirsty care for twelve children in the Little Owls room.

GREY OWLS: Aelish and Gemma care for eight children in the Grey Owls room.

TAWNIES: Katie, Lauren and Shaista care for twelve children in the Tawnies room.

EAGLES: Lizzie, Emma, Chantelle, Sidra, Jenny and Charlotte care for twenty-four children in the Eagles room.

Alison, Melissa, Sue, Michelle and Kelly support all the rooms.

Josephine is our nursery cook.